What is sugaring? Does sugaring hair removal work?

100% Organic, Pure and kindest Hairremoval to every Skintype.

Sugaring is an alternative method of hair removal; similar to waxing but the technique involves using a traditional method of applying warm sugar paste by hand, spreading it onto the skin and flicking off taking the hair with it.

Sugaring was originally developed in North Africa and Asia, and has been used there for centuries.

A less harsh & more long lasting alternative to waxing

Sugaring removes hair from the root leaving the skin smooth and hair free for up to 6 weeks, depending on the individual client. With regular treatment, over a period of time, the hair growth will decrease and become finer and sparser.

Sugaring is less harsh than waxing, as the paste only adheres to the hair rather than onto the skin. It can be used on all areas of the body including the face. The paste is basically made with sugar, water and lemon.

All skincare products used are natural and contain no added chemicals.


Face (top lip, Chin, Cheeks, Neck) From £4.00

Eyebrows £4.00

Arms £12.00

Under Arms £7.00


(Please Note; I do not offer 'Brazilian' or 'Hollywood' treatments) From £10.00

Full Leg £20.00

Half leg £14.00

¾ leg (Half leg and part of thigh) £15.00

Full Leg and Bikini £26.00

Full Leg Bikini and Underarm £30.00

Half leg Bikini and Underarm £24.00

Half leg and Bikini £20.00

Half leg and Underarm £18.00